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August 12, 2007

Madhugondhe Bhora

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This song describes the seasonal monsoon winds which hit India each year. The song was composed in the year 1937 and is probably not all too well known. The version i have heard is the duet one which i liked.


modhugondhe bhora
mridu snigdho chhaya
neepo kunjo tole
shyaamo kaantee moyee
kon shopno maaya
fire brishtti jole
fire rokto aloktok dhouto paaye
dhaara sikto baaye
megh mukto shahassho shashanko kola
sheenthi praante jole
piye ucchalo taralo pralayo modira
uno mukhoro tarangini dhaay adheera
kaar nirbhiko murti torongo dole
ei tara hara nisshimo ondhokare
kaar toroni chole

English Translation:
The soft and affectionate shadow in the “neep*” tree garden is filled with the smell of honey. (All around) it is dark yet charming, what dreamy infatuation does this rain water bring back! Washed in blood-red-lac, the moist stream flowing at my feet has returned. The smiling crescent glows in the parting of the cloud pearls. Intoxicated as if on doomsday, the surging waters of the clamorous river flow restlessly. Whose fearless statue is it which swings with the waves, in the grave and sonorous murmuring? In this infinite star less darkness whose boat is it that rows?

*The word “neep” refers to the “Kadamba” tree. The latin name of “Kadamba” is Adina Cordifolia which means, thickset foliage like the heart” i.e. “the tree with the heart-shaped leaves. The Kadamba is usually in full bloom by the time the monsoons strike India from the first week of june onwards every year.


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